Saturday, 21 December 2013

Recent Artwork for Charity auction

A seasonal image that was on display for several weeks. It contained some hidden health and safety messages that were deemed to be both practical and useful without putting a so called damper on the mood. It was well received and was subsequently sold off in an auction in aid of local charities.
The whole piece measures approx 39 x 22 inches and is marker pen and water colour. These drawings take a while to complete but I enjoy the process.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Recent artwork for charity auction

A picture drawn up for a fund raising event back in April. The Living Tree was part of a 'guess how many' creatures make up the picture competition.
Somebody guessed the total spot on, and now the picture is being auctioned off as had quite a few people interested in having it framed up for their childs bedroom. The Picture is approx A1 in size and is on lining paper with marker and watercolours.
Enjoyable work to do.