Sunday, 31 January 2010

Thursday, 28 January 2010

This Cartoon Life: Cat and the Bird

All that talk about birds in the garden reminds that where there are garden birds there are Cats!...Read on

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more cartoons this Sunday

The Wild About Us: Big Garden Birdwatch

Take an hour out this weekend and spend it watching your garden, you will be surprised what turns up. I have known people discover foxes that have been resident in their garden and have gone unnoticed. While you are at it keep a watchful eye out for birdlife they are visiting gardens in earnest at the moment looking for tasty morsels. In fact you might as well join in the Big Garden Birdwatch click link for more details.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Thursday, 21 January 2010

This Cartoon Life: Books

Always on the look out for cartoon books I was plesantly surprised to get this huge of a book of cartoons from the New Yorker publication given to me as a Christmas present. It is well and truly crammed with cartoons galore and plenty of informative text, it also comes with a CD with all the cartoons.
Well worth adding to you cartoon library.  I recommend you don't put it on your coffee table as it will probably go through it!

Another book I have on the go is the Qi book of animals which is packed with well written quirky facts about animals. It also has plenty of good illustrations throughout. So if want to know what happened to 70 million Bison or facts about a bird called a Hoatzin, then grab yourself a copy.

and finally just for fun

Thursday, 14 January 2010

This Cartoon Life: Fat Cats

Yes they are at it again, no sooner have the banks been bailed out of trouble by the taxpayer then they are back to the old habits of fat cat bonuses.."but we have to stay competitive", "we must keep our best people" they will say, but what they really mean is  "we must again grow fat but this time on the back of the taxpayer".
I say take your bonuses you deserve every penny (so you say) it is nice work if you can get it, but please stop squandering money making cringeworthy adverts..(Halifax take note).

Well that's better rant over, here is a cliche cartoon.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Through the Lens: Winter scenes

Despite what the media says it's actually not too bad out there.

Fifteen minutes by Bike

More like an hour by foot due to snow. So I had a little time to think about what is in the news and
the media would have you believe that we are fast approaching another Ice Age with headlines like.Snow Chaos, The Big Freeze and Brrrrritain. They have wheeled in Snow experts from the ivory towers of the Met office and the energy companies are running out of well..... energy.
The folks who live in Scotland laugh at the dramas played out by the English during winter and the English Northerners find it hilarious watching the English Southereners trying to deal with all the white stuff from above.
Yes we have had some snow in the UK (it is winter after all) and the South East of the country has been clobbered, schools will close, snowmen will be built, kids will sledge down hills in milk crates and on old ironing boards, grit and salt will run out and of course the media will continue to sensationalise it all. When it's all over we will have a good 10 months to prepare for the next winter but when it dosen't snow next it is bound to cause chaos.


Friday, 1 January 2010

Opening post

In an effort to improve structure, activity and content I have had a complete blog overhaul. So complete in fact that I have moved here from my old inkydoodles site to a new blogspot altogether.
My new blog title “It’s not about work” is self explanatory and chosen because of it’s relevance to me and it’s content.

It will be a regular weekly post and Thursday seems to be most agreeable for me. The content will be based on any one of the four headlines.

The Wild About Us: I have always been keen on wildlife so here you will find comment, news and all manner of things wildlife related.

Fifteen Minutes by Bike: That is how long it usually takes me to get to and from my place of work. During this short time there is a lot to see, a nice amount of thinking time and a chance to get some fresh air into the lungs. There is always something happening.

Through the Lens: I take a lot of photos so this is where you will see the results of my continual battle with aperture settings, shutter speeds, focus and composition.

This Cartoon Life: I don’t need an excuse to draw and this will allow me to post up doodles and drawings and other stuff all with a distinct cartoon flavour.

 So I say welcome and I look forward to blogging with purpose.....Happy New Year