Tuesday, 30 March 2010

15 minutes by bike: TV Grump

On my usual journey to work I turn over thoughts in my head as I turn the pedals to propel me in the general direction of my place of employment. By the time I set off for work I have normally had a large helping of the morning TV news and have recently found myself having a go at the TV ( I must be morphing into a grumpy old man). I am not really a grump but do get a rather satifying feeling after expressing my feelings at what I see and hear on the TV.
Here are some typical reasons to unleash a grump salvo.

1. Weather people who insist forecasting whilst bending double against a howling gale (does this make the forceast more authentic?)

2. Roving reporters who have to splash up to their middles to confirm that the flood water is actually real.
3. Roving reporters who wave and fling their arms all over the place as they try to add drama to every syllable that spills forth from their mouth.

4. The chronic overuse of the word "Absolutely"

5. TV Experts! who spout off bite sized chunks of nonsense coated in sugar and served on a sumptuous bed of rhetoric.

I could go on but I will leave that to the experts.

By the way, just a thought, why does Anti-ageing cream have an expiry date?

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Through the Lens: Spring has sprung

and the Frogs are not wasting anytime!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

This Cartoon Life: Sketchbook clearout

Another sketchbook clearout. This little character could be a tramp a vagabond or just a 'Gentleman of the road'. I remember when growing up in London there were several of these characters that could be seen regularly roaming the streets looking for a bite to eat and somehwere to kip down for the night carrying all they owned in plastic and paper bags.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

This Cartoon Life:Take a look at Quentin

Another favourite of mine is Quentin Blake widley acknowledged as a master illustrator. His drawings have some much life, the same sort of life you find in the rough, loose spontaneous sketches we all enjoy looking at. I believe he manages to retain much of the energy in his work through his methods. So instead of me trying to explain it all I will leave it to the man himself.
Click the links below to be whisked off to the studio of Mr Blake.