Friday, 23 April 2010

The Wild About Us: The Rat that got away

This little drama played out in my little back garden around tea time this evening. I discover that a Rat has decided to take up residence under some decking in my back garden. I happen to spy it paying a visit to the fallen scraps from the bird feeders.

1. Enter stage left neighbouhood nuisance Cat that hunts anything that flys, walks or crawls.
2. Cat spies Rat and stalks to within inches of the feeding rodent.
3. Cat Pounces and makes a cat like grab, Rat back flips away and makes a dash for his bolt hole.
4. Cat is left trailing it Rats wake.
5. Rat disappears from view into safety of bolt hole
6. Cat is encouraged by house owner to leave garden at a rapid rate of knots (no pictures) ; )

I did not have a charged battery in my video camera
I cannot have rats living in my garden so close to the house (appropriate measures will be taken)


john said...

great action photo Tony..the rat lives to fight another day !!

Tony said...

John, I must admit I don't have any time for cats and I run them out of my garden anytime they drop in. But on this occasion I allowed one in to do me a favour and get rid of the rat. But this fat cat failed miserably. You know what they if you want a job doing......!