Sunday, 30 May 2010

Last Rehearsal for England

Another unconvincing performance against Japan by Ing-er-lannd and despite the fact they did not score any of the goals they managed a win and a win is what you need to advance in the World Cup. So as uninspiring as it was, the result is what matters. There will be much talk now about who should be in the final 23 and we will all sit around tables and in bars and have a go at being the national coach. I look forward to the opener against the USA and yes I am also one of those saying "Maybe just Maybe"


john said...

Great cartoon Tony and great caricatures...(wish I could caricature as good)unfortunately I'm not a big football fan so whilst I hope we do well I wont lose any sleep over it...

Tony said...

Thanks John,
I must confess I do get into the World Cup, but am not a big Footy fan. I love ranting at the TV and debating all the analysis or is it bullshit that pundits spout on about.
No I will not lose any sleep if we once again fail, but then again those players on £100,000 plus a week probably won't either but they bloody ought to !!.....but you know what maybe just maybe