Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sponsors scramble for Rob Greens signature


Don't panic Mr Mainwaring it was a genuine mistake, have faith good people, Rob Green will return and make amends for hi little boo boo.
I am a West Ham fan so I would say that wouldn't I. But it is true don't look to blame the keeper for Englands overall mediocre performance, after all they had the whole of the second half put things right. The outfield players have two great opportunities coming up to deliver against Algeria and Slovenia ( No Problem).
Anyway I am sure the various sponsors will be scrambling for Mr Greens signature. We could start with the banks and their saving accounts.


john said...

I like that one you say the others wheren't all that good or they would have won..

Tony said...

Cheers John I can't wait for the next performance on Friday