Saturday, 26 February 2011

Frogs on the Blog

As a self confessed wildlife watcher it seems fitting that wildlife should find it's way on to this here blog. Things are busy in the Amphibian world at the moment with large numbers of Frogs and Toads making their way to the ponds to couple up and spawn.
Lots of them make it to the ponds but unfortunately lots of them also end up 'squisshed' underneath the wheels of cars. (note to all car drivers: Take your time and try to avoid them, it's only happens once a year and the chances are their need is probably greater than yours at the moment)

I have problems with my pond at the moment it has a slow leak and I have failed to locate it, so I am having to top it up regularly. The Frogs have arrived and are carrying on with their amphibian orgies regardless of the problems the landlord may be having with the accomodation. I guess I will have to wait until the spawn fest is over before carrying out any repair work

I have no pictures yet of this years visitors but here are several pics of last year's lot.


john said...

Great photos Tony...hope all ia well with you ( apart from the pond!!! )

Tony said...

all is well john and still working on the pond