Friday, 1 January 2010

Opening post

In an effort to improve structure, activity and content I have had a complete blog overhaul. So complete in fact that I have moved here from my old inkydoodles site to a new blogspot altogether.
My new blog title “It’s not about work” is self explanatory and chosen because of it’s relevance to me and it’s content.

It will be a regular weekly post and Thursday seems to be most agreeable for me. The content will be based on any one of the four headlines.

The Wild About Us: I have always been keen on wildlife so here you will find comment, news and all manner of things wildlife related.

Fifteen Minutes by Bike: That is how long it usually takes me to get to and from my place of work. During this short time there is a lot to see, a nice amount of thinking time and a chance to get some fresh air into the lungs. There is always something happening.

Through the Lens: I take a lot of photos so this is where you will see the results of my continual battle with aperture settings, shutter speeds, focus and composition.

This Cartoon Life: I don’t need an excuse to draw and this will allow me to post up doodles and drawings and other stuff all with a distinct cartoon flavour.

 So I say welcome and I look forward to blogging with purpose.....Happy New Year

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john said...

Happy new year Tony...look forward to following your new blog