Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fifteen minutes by Bike

More like an hour by foot due to snow. So I had a little time to think about what is in the news and
the media would have you believe that we are fast approaching another Ice Age with headlines like.Snow Chaos, The Big Freeze and Brrrrritain. They have wheeled in Snow experts from the ivory towers of the Met office and the energy companies are running out of well..... energy.
The folks who live in Scotland laugh at the dramas played out by the English during winter and the English Northerners find it hilarious watching the English Southereners trying to deal with all the white stuff from above.
Yes we have had some snow in the UK (it is winter after all) and the South East of the country has been clobbered, schools will close, snowmen will be built, kids will sledge down hills in milk crates and on old ironing boards, grit and salt will run out and of course the media will continue to sensationalise it all. When it's all over we will have a good 10 months to prepare for the next winter but when it dosen't snow next it is bound to cause chaos.


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john said...

True very true